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Residential and Industrial Cleaning

Our firm specializes in power washing and exterior cleaning services. We take on an arsenal of cleaning applications including, but not limited to power washing concrete, soft washing roofs and siding, deck and fence restoration, and minor exterior repairs
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About Us

Welcome to Guys Who Clean, a locally owned and operated family business. We pride ourselves as being a unique and versatile company, with employees and owners that value utmost their customer satisfaction. We treat each customer as a member of our family, because after all, we expect you to eventually recommend us to your family and friends when you have the chance.

Your business is our bread and butter, and this is a reason why we will treat each and every project as if our existence depends on it.

Our Belief

We believe a healthy life starts with a clean environment and that your best help are those who have the right talents, passions, and strengths — not to mention the required skill and experience. We are not your average worker, and our background will amaze even the most particular individual. If you think we do this out of love, you are absolutely right. We do this as a full-time hobby.

We love what we do!

Service Area

We operate out of Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy.
As a professional cleaning company, we set ourselves apart with our promise to make any wrong right. We promise nothing but the best at the most affordable prices, guaranteed.
We are also committed to Green Cleaning and environmentally friendly initiatives. We pride ourselves as a dynamic and forward thinking business dedicated to our clients is a reputation we would like to maintain. Our comprehensive checklists and professionally supervised crew ensure our quality of work never falls below exceptional.

We don’t just want to earn your business, but keep it forever.

We Deliver

We deliver awesome customer service. We pride ourselves in our follow up and follow through. We are committed to responding to the specific needs of each customer and exceed expectations. We make a promise and then over deliver. Cleaning is our passion and clean is what you see when we leave. We dream our business and go above and beyond to make our company stand out among any competitors.

We Believe

We believe we are the best at what we do. Our obsessive view regarding cleanliness make us stand out as a high standard company that prioritizes above everything its reputation. You are our bread and butter and we believe that the only way to make you our customer is to provide exceptional services each and every time.

We Keep it Simple

We believe that our customer should not pay for more than the service provided, and this is why we keep it sim ple. You will find that our company will not spend a lot of money in advertising, which, in the end, creates the greatest impact on the costs of all services. We will use the best available products for each individual job, so you can fully benefit from each dollar spent.