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Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Our concrete cleaning process is based on science and adds not just beauty, but also life to your concrete. In our concrete cleaning process, we use both soft wash and power wash, to make sure we don’t just remove visible algae and lichen growth from your concrete, but actively killing the left-over spores from the concrete micropores. We use state of the art machines for the process and the most effective chemicals available on the market. In return you’ll get the best-looking concrete you’d seen in years.

Our cleaning process is highly effective and gives you the longest times possible between cleanings. Because we kill the organic growth from the entire surface, the cleaning will outlast a simple pressure washing by years. Also, in commercial settings we help you maintain the integrity of the concrete, and provide a so-called managed cleaning approach, where we will try to maintain your concrete looking as new as possible without damaging it from too much cleaning.

Concrete cleaning Illinois – We also help you maintain the look of the concrete by protecting it from the salts that are constantly poured in our streets during the winter time. Spalling, delamination and pop outs are common causes that can be prevented or after they happen slowed down by using a good concrete sealer. We only use a permanent concrete sealer in our application because we feel that spending a lot of money in temporary sealers is a real waste. Our concrete sealer is a penetrating sealer that once bonded to the surface it can’t be removed by salts, protecting your concrete deep from within for years to come.

Concrete cleaning Illinois – We can help you maintain your concrete for the long haul with the best cleaning & sealers available. Feel free to contact us today for a no-obligation quote.


Concrete Cleaning


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